How to tell young children about Covid-19 through story

The bad ‘C’ germs visit Planet Earth

How do you explain to a three year old what is going on in the world at the moment? My eldest grandchild Kieran is now just 3 years old. His tiny world is shrinking. He doesn’t go to day care anymore. He only sees family friends and relatives on Face Time and already he’s over that.
He said he doesn’t know who is friends are anymore. Heartbreaking. The pandemic will be something he will always remember. 

So I wrote this story about a serious issue for my little grandchildren Kieran, Angus and Alana.
Angus and Alana seem unaffected as they are only 19 months and 14 months old. But I wanted to share it with others hoping that someone else finds it useful for explaining to their children what is happening in the world at the moment. So I decided to create my first Youtube Video. 

Kieran enjoys the story in particular the positive ending. He’s looking forward to when ‘the bad germs’ go away. 


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